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Happy Valentine's Day, Usagi-san!

Thank you, Leonardo!

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.


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I had a urge to draw Usagi! :)


along with probably every other artist growing up on comics in the 80s and 90s, Usagi Yojimbo was a key influence for me in storytelling and art. Stan Sakai is a pioneer of the indy comics and creator owned world, and getting to know him in the last few years has been humbling. With the caliber of talent and experience he’s at, he still always takes the time to talk to emerging artists and greets us at every convention at the floor. I am honored to be able to call him a friend.

Some of my friends may already be aware, Stan’s wife, Sharon, has been battled a debilitating illness for some time. Sharon is now back from the hospital after an extended stay, but her condition requires 24-hour care and medicines that cost more than their insurance covers, and obviously, more than many cartoonist and probably human beings can handle alone. Medical costs be crazy.

My friend Jason Schachter is helping me put up this Usagi In The Snow original up for purchase on his original art store’s website. It’s 9 x 12 on 300lb fabriano watercolor paper, done in watercolor and is up for grabs to one generous individual who’d like to help the Sakai family in their fight. http://www.essentialsequential.com/Usagi-Yojimbo-by-Dustin-Nguyen_p_2670.html

CAPS (Cartoon Art Professional Society) has set up Paypal to take donations as well for those who want to help in any way, big or small. http://garageartstudio.blogspot.com/2013/11/help-stan-sakai.html

 thanks for reading everyone!


watercolor art from Stan Sakai


These two are so cute together I can’t 

Have you ever met a mad man with a blue box who calls himself the doctor in your travels? as I understand it, he's a bit of a traveler himself

I have not met such a man, no.

However, I vaguely recall that Renet-san said she encountered someone of that description before.


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This is awful news to hear! Don’t be afraid to reblog! :(